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Do You Have Scoliosis? 6 Signs To Look For

Scoliosis is a relatively common skeletal condition affecting the spine. While more common in women, it can certainly affect men too. While it begins to appear in children, scoliosis is often not recognized until adulthood because it is often painless.

Are you curious about scoliosis? Do you think you or a loved one might have scoliosis? This guide will help you understand the symptoms so that you can determine whether or not it is time to see a doctor about it.

1. Your Shoulders Are Uneven

Shoulders of varying heights are one sign of scoliosis. This may cause one shoulder to appear much more prominently in back than the other. Additionally, your arms may not hang directly down to your side.

2. You Can See a Curve in the Spine

One of the most obvious signs of scoliosis is the obvious curve of the spine to one side or the other. It does not run down the center of the back like most people's spines. Doctors suggest that any curve over 10 degrees is considered scoliosis.

3. Your Hips Are Uneven

This condition can also lead to unevenness in the waist with one hip sitting higher than the other. This sometimes makes one leg shorter than the other.

4. Your Head Hangs to One Side

If you look at somebody with scoliosis, you might discover that their head does not sit directly centered over the body. It may appear to be more situated toward one shoulder or the other.

5. You Have Slight Pain

Pain is not closely associated with scoliosis itself, but it may be linked to stress or pressure being placed on spinal discs, muscles, joints, or nerves. This is not necessarily the pain of the curve itself. This pain is more closely associated with adults who have the condition rather than with children.

6. Your Ribs Are Pushed Out

Both ribs may be pushed out in those who have scoliosis, but the condition may instead present with one rib sticking out more than the other. This sometimes puts weight on the stomach, causing you to feel full quickly when you eat.

There are many cases in which scoliosis can be treated to ease any pain and prevent worsening of the spine's curvature. While the condition may not be prevented, there are certainly ways doctors can make the condition much more comfortable. If you think you have scoliosis, seeing a doctor, such as at Fick Chiropractic Centers Inc, for diagnosis may be helpful.

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chiropractic care after having a baby

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