chiropractic care after having a baby

Chiropractic Care Can Target Your Pregnancy-Related Lower Back Pain

Growing a new person inside your body is not an effortless process. For many women, a developing fetus's physical strain and demand are felt all over their bodies, including their lower back. In fact, some women experience near-debilitating pain throughout the duration of their pregnancy. Given many of the contraindications that come along with taking medication during pregnancy, chiropractic therapy for lower back pain can provide a safe alternative for pain management.

Aligned Posture

During pregnancy, your hormones fluctuate to support the pregnancy, and the fetus pulls resources from your body to support its growth. These hormone adjustments can lead to increased flexibility in your ligaments and joints, and the pulled nutrients can leave you more vulnerable to pain. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do to avoid these necessary changes.

However, chiropractor therapy can help realign your posture to accommodate these changes. In addition to in-office treatment, a chiropractor can provide you with exercises to perform at home to alter your posture with pain management in mind.

Spinal Cord Stress

Your abdominal area is only so big. As your pregnancy progresses, the space within the abdomen will eventually become limited. As a result, the increased size of the unborn child will begin to put pressure on the surrounding organs and tissues, including the spinal cord. Excess pressure on the spinal cord is a common culprit of pregnancy-related back pain.

Chiropractor treatment can include a manual adjustment in this area that helps minimize the extra stress in the region to also reduce the amount of discomfort you experience. These adjustments become increasingly important and may need to be repeated several times as you progress into the third trimester.

Stiffness and Tension

When a person is experiencing pain or discomfort, natural physiologic responses typically involve increased tension and stiffness in the area of discomfort. The problem with this response is that it is counterproductive because both stiffness and tension invite further pain.  

Chiropractic therapy can also be used as a relaxation technique. Adjustments and physical manipulations can help relax your mind and body. The more relaxed you become, the less stiffness and tension you will experience, and ultimately, the less susceptible you will be to discomfort. If you are close to delivery, reducing stiffness in your lower back and pelvic regions can help make way for a smoother delivery.

If you experience back pain or any other discomfort during pregnancy, make an appointment with a chiropractic center, such as Cornerstone Chiropractic Center.

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chiropractic care after having a baby

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