chiropractic care after having a baby

Four Great Reasons Seniors Can Benefit From Regular Chiropractic Care

It's no secret that the U.S. has an aging population -- as the Baby Boom generation gets older, more of them will be experiencing the first aches and pains that go along with being a senior. Many should consider regular chiropractic care as a supplemental form of healthcare that will help preserve their flexibility well into their golden years. 

Not sure how chiropractic care will benefit you if you're the senior in question? There are at least four different ways:

1. It can improve your range of motion.

Chiropractic care can help you unlock muscles and ligaments you weren't even consciously aware were locked up. In turn, that allows joints to spread and move more freely -- like they did when you were younger. Reduced range of motion is one of the biggest reasons that older people find it harder to do daily activities -- everything from putting away the dishes to keeping up that golf game!

2. It can help reduce your pain.

Older generations believed that pain was just something that you had to learn to live with as you got older -- but, today, people know better! Pain isn't something that you should have to endure on a daily basis. However, you may not be ready to rely on pain medication for relief -- and sometimes anti-inflammatories and narcotics alone won't really do the trick. Chiropractic care gets down to the root of the pain by relieving pressure on sensitive nerves and giving them space to heal, particularly when there's spinal involvement. 

3. It can reduce your risk of falling.

Chiropractors who work with the elderly are specifically supposed to collect information about each patient's fall history in order to assess them for future risk. Fall prevention is actually a large part of chiropractic care. By minimizing the muscular and skeletal pain that affects your ability to walk and by reducing the joint stiffness that's affecting your mobility, chiropractic care becomes an integral part of fall prevention by helping you regain the natural balance and coordination you had when you were younger.

4. It can slow down joint degeneration.

Spinal subluxation, or misalignment, causes premature aging along your vertebrae. Just simply having your spine periodically adjusted and straightened out helps prevent unnecessary wear-and-tear on your moving joints. In turn, the reduced physical stress on your joints helps slow the progression of conditions like osteoarthritis.

Regular chiropractic care is healthy for older adults and ought to be considered by anyone who is seeking to increase their activity level, reduce pain, slow degenerative conditions of the joints, or worried about falling. Altogether, these benefits can lead to a happy life for seniors. In addition, chiropractic care is often inexpensive -- if your insurance doesn't cover it, many offices will operate on a sliding-scale basis. For more information, talk to a chiropractor near you today, such as at Centerpointe Chiropractic - Lou Rossi DC.

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chiropractic care after having a baby

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