chiropractic care after having a baby

Living With Diabetes: Services That Can Help You Manage

If you have been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, it's important to make some changes so you can still manage the condition and live comfortably for many years to come. Your doctor may prescribe medications and advice you to change your diet in order to help your body stay as healthy as possible. There are some other services you can use that will also help manage the condition in conjunction with what your doctor has advised. 

1. Chiropractic Care

Your body can often get out of alignment, even if you're not adventurous. If you have a desk job, for example, the stress on your back and neck can cause subluxations that restrict neural communication throughout your body. Also, some old injuries or discomforts can cause pain, making it harder for some people to resist comfort foods that might not work well with your new dietary recommendations.

With frequent chiropractic adjustments, you may see your general health improve. Some might even find it is easier to manage their blood sugar or engage in exercise for weight loss if they regularly see a chiropractor. 

2. Massage

Diabetes can restrict the flood flow to certain tissues, especially your feet. This can lead to a condition called diabetic neuropathy, where your extremities, like your feet and legs, start to feel tingly or numb from nerve damage caused by high blood sugar. When you are managing your blood sugar levels, massage can help to maximize circulation to these areas.  Other types of neuropathy can develop in your hips, buttocks, and even your abdomen. Massage might not be able to prevent or cure this problem, but it can help bring you sense of relief and increase blood flow for healing. 

3. Personal Trainer

You might feel daunted about all the lifestyle changes in store for you as you start living with a diabetes diagnosis. Losing weight can be challenging. Look for a health coach or personal trainer in your area who has experience with diabetic lifestyle change. You can start small and safe under the direction of an exercise professional and build up your ability to do longer and more effective workouts as your fitness levels increase. Some personal trainers also have certification or education in nutrition as well, which can be helpful for building a balanced meal plan that works with your dietary restrictions. 

For more information on diabetic treatment ideas, contact a chiropractor in your area. 

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chiropractic care after having a baby

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